Thank you for taking time to visit this site for online products.  It is an extension of the veterinary practice which allows you as a client to have access to a wider variety of products, and it helps us offer you a more complete line of products without keeping the expensive inventory on the shelf.  Most clinics simply cannot afford to stock ALL available products, in ALL weight ranges, for ALL species–even though we would like to.  So this is a win-win situation for everyone:).  Some items are best purchased at the clinic, but frequently there are specialty items that are not kept in stock such as prescription diets.


Some of the common reasons clients like to order (or refill) online include:  1) Convenience, 2) Transportation difficulties, challenges, and distance from the clinic, 3)  Saves a trip to the vet’s office,  4)  Larger variety of products to choose from, 5) The ability to order while “out of town”  6)  Specialty pet food is often more fresh than what is kept on-hand at the clinic.


The common prescription medications for dogs and cats such as heartworm, flea and tick products are available.  However, there are so many other options through this site!  You are able to order many nonprescription items, special diets, and medical supplies.  If you are a companion animal client, you can order specialized diets by the bag, shipped directly to your door, as needed.  You can order heartworm medication even on a monthly basis if your budget requires (called the “Remind Me” option).  You can order pet dental supplies and more!  If you are a horse owner, browse the equine products including prescription colic medications such as Banamine, oral sedation products like the new Dormosedan gel, ulcer protection such as Ulcerguard, or anti-inflammatory medication such as phenylbutazone tablets and powder.


You will need to have a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship with Dr. Daniels, which means timely exams, negative heartworm tests for heartworm medication in dogs, and all prescription items must be approved.  Please note:  We will not fill controlled substances through this platform.  You also have to be a client of Dr. Daniels in the state of Florida. However, if your pet is examined by Dr. Daniels in Florida but you live across the state line, medications can still be authorized.



Click on the “Home Delivery ORDER HERE” option at the top of this page.  On the page link that comes up, then you can either use the menu on top bar of the page to browse items by category/species or you can use the search box in the upper right corner of the page and enter the name of the product or key word you are searching for.  You can search your previous orders.  It is also a good time to enter a profile for yourself as a client and register any animals you may be requesting products for in the future.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  The search box is extremely sensitive to the correct spelling and hyphenation of a product; do not give up if a message comes up saying “no product found.”  If there is a product you think is probably on the site, please email Dr. Daniels for help. 


Thank you again for visiting this site and if you need further assistance please send an email to:  Have a wonderful day!